24-26 OF JULY 2020


"In this MOVEment we don't share the same level of dance or even the same athletic ability. But what we do share is the determination to become better both on and off the dancer floor and we know that Together We Are Strong"

BFAS x Barcelona 2020 Instructors

The organiser of BFAS and pioneer of Dance Specific Training. 
Sebastian has been traveling to countless of countries, teaching Dance Specific Training to thousands of students. He has been working with one on one coaching for artist like La Alemana,  Louis & Andrea, Korke Y Judith, Chavez, Kiko & Christina , Marcio Ratinho, and the list goes on. Specialising in strength and conditioning and mental discipline for dancers.
Judith is the face of ambition when it comes to Bachata Sensual. Pushing herself to become a better dancer and athlete every day.
The founder of BFAS and creator of Bachata Sensual.
Specialising in following and ladystyling.
The OG of Bachata Sensual. Korke has been traveling the world more times than you can count and is well recognized as the creator of Bachata Sensual. He’ll make sure that you’ll leave with new knowledge and a much deeper understanding of your leading and following.
With over 20 years of experience this Venezuelan powerhouse is not only one of the worlds greatest and most booked Bachata DJ, she’s also a master when it comes to body movement, musicality and Traditional Bachata.
Born a raised in the capital of Bachata Sensual, Cádiz.
Duran is a master in building functional muscles for dancer.
Muscle building, performance and nutrition. He does it all at the highest level with clients like. Pablo & Raquel, Kike & Nahir, Jorge y Auroa and the list goes on.
Maria has been working in this industry for over 20 years.
She's trained in classical dance, have been a competitive fitness athlete, professional afro latin dancer, personal trainer
and the list goes on and on. 
She's been working with the giants, helping countless of pro dancers to reach their flexibility goals
Judith, Gloria Ramos, Frank Santos, Adrian & Anita just to name a few.
This woman is a real power house
There is a lot of nutritionist out there.
And then there is Maria Punti. 
Not only is she the nutritionist for Korke, Judith & Sebastian. She’s also an absolute master in designing individualised nutrition plans for us dancers.
She’s been dancing for years so she really understand what we need.

BFAS x Barcelona 2020
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